I miss you today! tomorrow! forever!

“I will leave you one day” she exerted in joking way but somehow Mr. Rex knew the real truth behind these words and they left the conversation with a laugh. No-one knows how a healthy relationship will meet its bitter end in near future. None of them realized this may happen! but to his unconscious mind, aware somehow  and wanted him to prepare for that Black day. Fighting with himself and bitter truths, Mr. Rex kept his nerves, consoling himself in motivational dreams that it won’t happen and  encouraging him to do whatever it takes to keep them alive, ready to sacrifice everything! yes everything, his dreams, his career, his self-respect but nothing comes to rescue.

It happened and happened in a way that somebody could never imagined off! even in anyone’s foresightedness. But It went the way it was predicted.  “Never leave me whatever happens to us”  with these words in his mind, still today Mr. Rex is alive with a hope someday he will have to come for her rescue. No hard feelings! How possible that Mr. Rex could have any negative feeling for her. Never! even if he saw her getting married with another guy or anything. He missed her today! tomorrow! and forever! all the time.

“Don’t worry my child, I am with you every-time, Just call me and say come”  without any second thought in his mind, Mr. Rex always ready to rush into her whenever called upon. But this might not happen ever. Why Mr. Rex is so much determined that this can’t be undone now? Why? Mr. Rex talked to himself and said “that’s how I prepared her so well for this thing and made her self-dependent the way Mr. Rex used to be in his early 20’s. With time he transferred his strength into her and made himself enough weak to have tears and turned into an emotional douche bag. Her happiness keeps him alive! he said. Her charming face like sun-rise at ocean puts more than enough energy into him to fight with his demons and smile throughout the day. Now! all has gone! it just her remembrance and well clicked past moments that now resides in his think tank.  “How Lucky I am! that I had those moments with me, enough to motivate myself to live for never ending hope for that “phone call”. He uttered with happy-weeping tone

Wherever Mr. Rex  goes, he assumes that she is by side! but its just his imagination that she is with him. Just like a soul after leaving a dead body keeps tracking their loved ones. He says “Sometimes, I sit and talk with her, She guides me all the time. yes! we are together and we will always be together, forever!

Mr. Rex “I miss you dear”

Author: Pain cannot be made to bleed with just pen and paper, it can only be felt”


By: Mr. Nobody


A question that can’t be answered!

Phew! What’s your name? Easy to answer. Yeah! right. Almost everybody have the answer to this question whenever  somebody ask this question to anybody except the one’s who are suffering from memory loss disease. Yet there are questions which can’t be answered and if answered you know it will be the end of some secrets that you have been hiding over the years. I have been through this situation many times for the same question whether I am high enough to gargle out everything hidden inside me but no , I will not answer only one question in my life to anyone except myself. The question was Why you left your last job? yeah I know, its sound pretty weird that this is just a normal question and can have answer like I was bored, may be frustrated, may be not enough money or some kind of lame excuse to support the job resignation. But no that isn’t the answer. I have done this twice and won’t reveal even here but if somebody is enough smart the surely he/she can figure out in a minute the answer and that what I was wrong with me. Stubbornness  probably! Mature but not enough mature to handle the situation when I opt for that decision that changes my nature and even myself. I fucked up myself amateur would be the right word here. No coming back, never, still here to hide that reason inside me so that I can carry it till I become enough mature to answer the next arising question if I answered this question or may be when I will be on my deathbed.

Life is really simple, you lose patience, you lose the best part of your life, you handle the situation maturely, you win for lifetime. Think in a manner considering all possible consequences or impacts that your decision will have on your life. Way too hard, you are not from the “simpsons” family that predicted futuristic things way ahead of their time, a cartoon series it was.

Ok! I keep this story short, take decisions wisely and maturely or seek guidance from others who believe in you and may be from a person who is fit to guide you. but don’t fuck up yourself and then dreaming “I wish I hadn’t done this”

By: Mr. Nobody

1 year and counting!

Eeesh! One year completed when we met for last time when she came to see-off me at airport around 8 pm on Sunday night. Didn’t expect or ever imagined that we are not gonna meet again in future anyhow! It happened and it has to! Tried every bit of things under my control to get the things on platform again but failed to do so.

Still the feeling is same for her. I miss her all the time, my morning starts with a dream of her and imaging what she would have been doing at that point of time.. like 7 am she wake up and 8 am she comes out of her pg to fetch her office bus and 9 am she must be having her breakfast in cafeteria, 1 pm her lunch time, 4 pm her refreshment time, 5:15 pm she winds up her work and packs her bag to leave the office and fetch her office bus to go home. around 6:30 pm she must have been at her home, now some rest time. then around 9 pm she finds herself in kitchen to cook some meal for her. however all these must have changed as of now as she has changed herself just to stay away from my  imagination. I still live in that imagination and hope that one day we shall meet again and bond together but somewhere i know that not gonna happen and one day I will just have a news of her getting married. Take care my love! I wish we are together today and tomorrow and for forever.

I just sing a song! its been a long day my friend, I will tell you when I see you again…

Wept all night remembering you and didn’t take my dinner that night. My mother, my brother all were curious why I am acting in this way, they all knew something is hidden inside me and never had courage to ask for the reason. Night passed and new morning comes up and here I am sitting in office writing this part of my life.

I wish you were here with me today! Yeah all wishes cannot be fulfilled, I know. Just one wish, please. I won’t request to God, I will never, I don’t believe in him. I am alone and just waiting for my time to go far enough. hope she is good and doing what she always dream for.

Goodbye dear!

By: Mr. Nobody

Romatic weather! Kolkata! Isn’t it!

Ok! Two day official trip turns out to be a 10 days or more. Luckily i don’t have to worry much as my brother lives here, so a place is always there for me to reside, no worries about spicy junk.
Woo! What a weather! Isn’t it beautiful or kind of romantiic for lovebies and a perhaps a proper hangout plan for rookie people.. Well i fall into last category but but but single in every stage here.. No Girlfriend no friends umm brother also not in town! What should i do! Where should i go to make this day a memorable moment. Eesh.. Don’t want to stress my think tank much. Probably i can ask my colleague to have a couple of drinks post office hours in a nearby bar to my house. Or I can go alone for a late night latest movie.. Or just sit and relax at home watch some cricket.. I don’t want to make my life a boring movie scene. OMG i am bit pissed off. I really need a gang of goons to celebrate my life in different ways.. Well I am still waiting for that thing.. But i don’t think i will or they will find me soon.. Friends of my age are getting married and settking down themselves these day and my think tank says don’t get trapped in this shit as I won’t be able to handle myslef with the boundations of responsibilities. Yes! I don’t want any load of responsibility upon my head.. Else i will be crushed under them and won’t be able to achieve my dreams of becoming a successful entrepreneur..
Why kolkata! Something really interesting for me in this city! Right! As per previous visits.. I have always got something (good things actually) whenever I am in this city. My first job finalised post my visit. Current job too finalised here.. And few bad lucks turns into good one again post visiting this city.
So! Should i start my business from here or from Delhi! I think i don’t know as of now. I am in dreamworld right now just dreaming about the good time after 2-3years.. And this time I have to turn those dreams into reality.. I will. And change the things how people see and perceive…

By: Mr. Nobody

Exploring strengths: What’s better hidden inside you!

Time is to write a new story or I must say my new experience which I had today. This story is somehow connected to my previous post. Today I explored myself in many arenas of my life and got to know that I have something that was hidden for a quite long time just because I really didn’t have the courage in past open up myself. Today I did that and results came out to be positive or I must say made me delighted. So, What happened actually! This is about an interview scheduled for today for some marketing job. Well, let me tell you about my CV/Resume first as it is the base of the story. So, 3 jobs in 4 years span and all in different industries, all unconnected as per their nature, additionally I lack the stability factor in my every job, common question in any interview but tough one to crack when odds are against you. I don’t know what came into me during my interview with HR, I convinced her with my communication skills, and my knowledge about concepts and how can I be a fit to their organization. All this I did it without any reference unlike the advantage I had in my all previous interviews. Today was the real me, confident, bold, daring, at-least more than what I used to be earlier.

I cleared the HR round that went for around 25 minutes confirming myself for the 2nd round with GM sales to be held on same day. As expected, GM just had a look on resume and had a laugh with HR regarding my current industry experience (i.e. less than 6 months) and then the interview started. To his surprise, a guy who always found himself in defensive position during interviews turned his gears into deceive manner just like a batsman chasing a huge target plays to win. Yeah! I cleared all his doubts with my convincing skills of knowledge and in-depth knowledge about the marketing concepts. In the end, everything was pleasant, refreshing me and highly confident that this could be a right platform for me to showcase my right talent. He greeted me and was delighted I guess so and said that “you shall have to meet our director soon for finalization” and I replied that will be my pleasure. Just before I was about to leave the office building, HR came to me and said that ” I will confirm you by today if shortlisted for final round and be available day after tomorrow in 2nd half” and same reply I gave to her. Within 10 minutes after leaving the office, I got a call from HR to come for finalization on day after tomorrow. Wow! All this I did just myself with my experience and confidence. Lets see what will happen day after tomorrow but for me this is really a big achievement for me as of now, may be first time or I must say today I felt it is real me. you can climb huge mountains with your strengths. Go and find them and explore your strengths, may be not today but someday you will find it. Never ever give up! Just stay calm and be focused and have right approach.

So finally,I lost this battle, not able to crack the final round. I guess It could be because of my current salary v/s expected salary issue or something else, they knew better. Its ok! at-least I tried and met with failure. In some way happy I am. Rise again and then go for next one. never give up should be the penultimate goal in anyone’s life. Stay calm and work hard. Goodluck to me!

By: Mr. Nobody

Dilemma or helplessness: Can’t Judge

Have you ever found yourself into a situation where you are bound by numerous conditions to opt for the decision that you really can’t digest? Hell thing to decide! yeah a weird situation where you lost your touch with the surface rather you are buried under it crying and hoping to get a ray of light to take you home. No, not impossible at that point of time. because you are helpless. Nowhere to go! Nothing in hand, I mean no Plan-B. So what should we do? A small question with no favorable answer taking your side. We will come back to this question later.

After quitting 2 jobs in different fields, and I am into my 3rd Job with another field, profile is almost same if we consider the nature but the work is totally opposite to each other. I don’t have any issues pertaining to work in different field, but should be enough to give me peace of mind. Well you expect something and get something opposite in return as usual. Now, here I am! 3rd Job could be gone within next 10 days if I didn’t say the company magic words “yes, I will” I am into dilemma right now whether I should go for 4th or should I continue this current one knowingly If opted to continue, there won’t be homecoming anymore or could be harsh landing with negative impact on my loved ones. They are by my side but I can’t see them in trouble and same that they don’t want to see me in trouble after opting for the decision. May be my comfort zone is more better than anything else, I already have quit my half of my comfort zone in last one year and became a very calm man imparting inspirational and logical messages to people. I know, i have inherited this from my experiences or should I say by getting continuous butt-kicks. It pains me a lot but I laugh as i am gained some strength now to fight. Now I am a very confident person, with less fears in me of facing people. I think, I am distracted from the current topic. yeah may be or may be not.

Actually this is the real dilemma! Isn’t it, You think something else and you do something else. Or you are little helpless you are not able to choose the path. Well! I am not able judge what this is right now, My mind has stopped working considering the juggling going in my brain. Will come up sometime back soon here!

Upon someone special advice, I decided to give it a try for atleast for the first phase and then will decide for next step in due course of time. Phew! it will help me at-least to cover my survival expenses by not making me jobless for few months or meanwhile I will try to crack some interview with another company if conditions favors. Let’s see what gonna be the outcome in the end. Not at all hopeful of any miracle. Feeling little tired just because of my imbalanced mind today. Time is hard and lets face the reality on my own. I really don’t want this time to have any negative impact on someone’s job just because of me. Will come harder with time and during this phase will build up myself stronger and even better and gain some more life experiences to add up into my kitty. Yikes! How much Calm I am today! So much frustration inside me eating continuously. Just trying my better part to stop the flooding of anger on someone. I think I will have to take help of some booze today. Yeah! I know its “Navratre” festival here where family rituals stops people from drinking and eating non-veg even onion in your meals. Its ok, i won’t share this with my family, secret kind of thing I will do. Ahhh! I am gonna have a good sleep after booze if only I get little high. and I should get high Huh!  Trust me darling I will come harder next time.


By: Mr. Nobody

A Mistake: That Can’t be undone!

We do make mistakes in our life from our early childhood days till we are buried inside inside a coffin for a never ending sleep. But in our early childhood days, impacts of mistakes are way less than we have to face when we enter into our adulthood. When you are into your teen-age, you don’t have to bother majorly for anything, no stress, nothing to push your think tank for consequences. But once you are out of your teen-age, and enters into your adulthood, you have borrowed lots of responsibilities on you and a big load is there on your young shoulders embarking you take step wisely, else you will have to see defeat, a situation where you are hopeless, restless may be you come into depression or even worse. you have to be patient whatever the situation and unfavorable factors prevail at that moment. These mistakes can’t be undone. You will imagine one dream Is there any tool/technology/any method to go into your past and undone this” The strict answer is NO”  . This is impossible at this time, may be if possible we develop some technology in future somehow.

Let bygones be bygones! What is the best method to overcome this affect on you! Well theoretically numerous, but the way you implement one of the method that matters a lot. You just can’t rely on others to help you out of this bad cream. Its only you who have to put enough strength into you to come out, Yes! you can take support of your loved one’s or strangers or anything that gives you boost to start again.

We always learn from our mistake done in past and try not to repeat the same next time. But we are a big failure in this learning. though we practically, but we will develop a theory inside our mind to make that mistake again but this time outcome will be positive. Knowingly you do this mistake and again the impact puts you on the same spot where you started-off.

Knowingly the impact, I too did 1 mistake and kept repeating. The impact was as worse as hell. Lost my inner strength, found myself in state of frustration and irritation all the time. Wanted to run away and hide somewhere with no GPS connection to track me out. Is this the solution, No! not at all! but could be a temporary solution so that you can get enough strength to face again the challenge. may be you should start again from scratch, i know, Its not easy to start again once you have kissed the sky and now you are at Bottom of earth. It will take time to be a big winner again yet surely are the winner as you have already won a battle against yourself. you will never forget the mistake but once you have accomplished the task of raising yourself, you will laugh on those mistakes but only you can know the pain inside those laughs.

Keep doing mistakes and learn from them! never ever back down. Stay alive in this race! you don’t have to be winner for others, but for yourself, it matters and keep challenging yourself all the times regardless of conditions. With time, you will have enough strength to push you forward again and again. Never forget one thing “Time is your best cure”

Why we need to talk about bitter things when we so much of positive things in life to cheer up. Eesh! bitter things just ruins the moment and turns into a black hole. and push you into a world with full of negative thoughts.

God-dam! Why I opted that decision? You don’t believe in astrology! Do you? Sometimes. A sidelined astrologer told me you did a mistake by quitting your last assignment and till date, his words seems to be true as I am facing lots of troubles in my life, may be its a storm that I was not able to predict during my decision making process and now I can realize the World is not bad, It gives you plenty of chances to rectify your mistakes, but its upto you to take the right decision at right point of time, else you will have to suffer with consequences and will push you black hole with negative thought process. So, I am waiting for life to again give me the chance to stand back and come again , this time even more stronger than I used to be. Em preparing myself for that day to come and yeah, so do everyone needs to prepare themselves. You can’t ride a huge mountain in single day unless you have some extra support like jet-pack or something that flies you high and put above on the that mountain. The conclusion is wait for the Jet-pack or find it to boost up your life again and again. you will come stronger with each and each every mistake you do in your life. Repeat the mistakes unless you conquer them. Mistakes are like your demons in your dreams. Face them, fight them, and win over them, once you conquered them, you will be brave enough to fight for your next challenges and bitter things will become history of your life or you will write your own history and won’t become just history.

Taking the sweet things from the above, I am moving on in my life for better life and supporting my family.

I love you HK and won’t forget what you taught me.  Thanks!



By: Mr. Nobody

HK: a dream I Opt to quit

This post is about my experience of Hong Kong life. A city usually that never sleeps. You will see people roaming on roads at all times whatever the weather conditions even if it is Level-8 warning issued by HK meteorological department or hot summer. Though it will be less in numbers because of some safety regulations. When i first see those people, I just imagine how much fit they are! defying their real age no. HK is quite expensive city that’s why it  has been ranked 2nd most expensive city in the world after Singapore.  I guess, only the Food and home is expensive including medical, nor public transportation neither your beer, Well 1 can of beer is even cheaper that what you have to pay in India for it. I actually love this part, I know I am little fond of Boozing beer. Government of HK do take care of their residents very well at-least much better than other Big size countries. Descent people, nobody will bother what you are doing, unless you are doing some criminal type things. Great place to go for shopping for shopoholics.

Must visit places include Ladies market situated in Mong-Kok (Kowloon) area. Friday-Saturday-Sunday, best days to visit this street. If your are good bargainer then its the real test for you there. Amazing street food, 36″ inches pizza, usually you get 12″ inches as large size in India.  Have a beer on street but don’t litter apart from bins else you will be fined for HK$ 5000, pretty heavy charges even if you spit and got caught. Luckily, I never got caught. Sigh! You will find lots of Indian restaurants. Chunking mansions (Tsim Sha Tsui) known for South Asian migrations. Here, you can have real Indian-Pakistani-Bangladeshi feel, nowadays African also added into it. Samosa-Chai-Gol-Gappa-Biryani-etc.. choose the right one else you will hate the taste. Buy Mobile sim card at cheap rates, Customs Cigarettes packs almost 40-60% cheaper rates from Seven Eleven Shops..

Near to it, there is Victoria harbor, cool breeze to give you relaxing tough. Visit Canton road for luxurious buying. Learn to say thanks you! as you have to often this word. There are many islands in HK vicinity where you can escape from your working life and enjoy taking sun bath with beer or some kind of drink you love. Disney Land, Ocean park adding to its fun loving roller coaster rides. If you are tired of weekdays, on Saturday night- go and visit the Lan Kwai Fong to meet people from various part of the World and make friends, hangout with them, get acquainted. Keep Moving on that street  or enter into pub till 3am and after that, its time to go home. Too cheap for me as I have to shed out only HK$ 20 for 20min Mini-bus ride to my home. Wake up in Hangover next morning with bright sunshine or may be rainy day as HK weather is unpredictable. Go to local markets in evening and see the huge crowd walking on the streets with zombies speed and listen some great music on street, watch some stunt person performing stunts to earn livelihood. A Well governed and systematic city. Hassle-free life. Almost spent 6 months living there and enjoyed many colors of life. tried to learn Cantonese, but not my cup of tea. so stuck with English only, that’s fine. Got a friend cum big brother “Sean” (English name and “Wong Hei Man” -his chinese name) always my side to help me whenever needed. needless to mention, this is the best thing that happen to me. Till date we are in touch even though we know, we shall not meet again in future.

to be continued……   Bitter facts will follow in next writing!


By: Mr. Nobody

Bullet Bansal (Mr. BB)

“Le Lia Bullet lendi Jeep bech kay” Bought a Bullet Bike against junk Jeep… Mr. bansal has upgraded to Bullet Bansal himself now.. A bike known for its strength and quite popular among the bike lovers. Will Mr. Bansal ..oops “Bullet Bansal” will find some chick on his behind or his rookies will be his partner. Lets wait and watch till the time decides its course.

Lets know about Mr. Bansal little more.. Born in a small town, intelligent but weak in Mathematics unlike a usual “Baniya” who are born mathematicians as per some saying.. chemistry flowing in his nerves from top to bottom.. Little bit more! angry young man adding to his quality but not to his nature.. cool personality with photogenic features when clicked through DSLR camera. Lol!…. a passionate traveler. grown up while sleeping most of the hours of the day.  His childhood  buddy “Mr. T” always by his side .. Both seems to be Mirror copy when it comes to sucking their thumb habit from childhood days which they still carry today with them…

As the time passes, Mr. BB becomes a chemistry teacher in private institute passing his knowledge to new generation and filling up his pockets in terms of remuneration.. till date no stable partner.. girls comes and goes like a camera flash from his life.. Phew!   Now Mr. BB is tired of being single and need a stable partner, onus on him to get married as soon as someone suggest some girl match to his parents.

We will wait for some more time for his story to be completed. till then let him enjoy his Bullet ride!

By: Mr.Nobody

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