65 years of life

Here comes the second part.

Met with a 65 years old Gentleman in a elevator asking to press 6 no and just like reflex action someone replied ” already pressed my sir”. though no sigh of thanksgiving from that old man to the person may be due to his level or God knows better else than him. After closely observing the outfits of the person, wearing professional suit like any CEO or top management person ready himself for his/her work, the shirt collar is eroded out same as sand erodes rock after few years of kissing. Looks down to earth guy, made enough efforts in his young times to come up on this position. Silent as hell as vacuum. Something to learn from this guy’s life. Should be enough strong as on date to face any calamity as he has passed the hurricanes of life already in his previous years. Be simple and sober, don’t let your outfit decide who you are and what is your worth. Let your work decides your personality and your true worth. Don’t panic in any situation whether its monetary/social/personal/Love/health/or any other hurdle forcing you to go ahead. Just stay calm and change the drift of wind upon your side, if conditions not favorable, wait for the time till it becomes or make enough efforts to get it done with you.

With time, everything gets healed, till then do some other activities keeping you busy taking out you in some other filed of space.

Good Luck to you.

By: Mr. Nobody


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