Rise High: up Above the sky

Aim High: rise yourself to your extremities. Never ever see down. There is no destination that can’t be reached, or no work that is easy. It’s upto you how you take up the later as a challenge or giving-up stage. Well, my friends, here is a story for you. there are many moments in our life when we have to make decisions or have to take some steps that will decide our due course of future direction. Unknowingly we opt for things that we expect they will go accordingly our Freezed Brain, but to our surprise or i can say somewhere in our mind, we knew that this will happen, some people called this superstition or some call it intuition. Don’t believe in either. Once you start believing in any, your are bound to go that way crushing your dreams, limiting yourself to a virtual circle just like the “Mahabharta-Chakrvayuh”. Come out of this circle and feel the atro-cities of life.

You must be thinking, its easy to say rather than following up. yeah! absolutely, else there would’t be battles in history and Kejriwal & Trump won’t become CM and President. Let’s give up this politics for a moment. Ok! Start exploring yourself first, may be your weakness is your real strength or vice-versa. If nothing is there inside you, then you must be lucky. So it’s high-time to learn and grow the way you want, not the others. But don’t forget to respect who deserves and simultaneously not disrespecting who didn’t. let them stay away from you. Will come up with some more positive thoughts soon. till then wait and watch.

Suggestion & recommendations always welcome.

By: Mr. Nobody

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