Life Calculator

Our life is like egg shell surrounded by varied  shell-group layers. Family, friends, Colleagues, Boss, Sub-ordinate, Junior, Pan-Sutta vala, Adda baaji, Bevde and many other countless unnamed groups giving us advises which seems ridiculous to us at all times but we never understand why these stubborn are spreading their “free ka gyan” . after all, you will meet numerous people giving free advises rather giving free lunches. So, point is what are you upto? Have you touch the horizons of your life till date or yet to to touch.Your horizon just could be getting laid once you attain puberty or could be making your body like “rambo” or dreaming of becoming the next Bill gates or may be Daddy or mumma. Needless to mention any more- dreams changes with time, condition, unknown, unforeseen reasons, drift of wind blah! blah! blah!!!

Sit back and relax. Download all your ups and downs in a memory card, make a flash back video and rewind it again and again , everything looks OK! right! no mistake Huh! then why the hell everything is not under my control, “em pissed off with my life” uttering loudly these words in a close room. Our first mistake is we never find the right Counselor or guidance.  Our experiences are enough to demonstrate what we should have done at that time. Here comes the learning! Huh, em Big enough, I don’t want to learn anymore, em already an expert now. yet new day, new beginning- new experiences-new learning-new expertise skill. Learn-grow-Learn-grow-Learn-…..

Upgrade yourself with new skills daily, just like your daily routine, skills also becomes your habit. Here, your don’t have to think what you need to do! It will become your reflex action. Never ever give up in life!!! you can escape from others but you can’t hide out from yourself. You will need to answer at some point of time, Sooner or later surely, you have to. Till then, prepare for that day. Everybody is alone in this world. For every individual, success means to his/her potential. Well, once you attain your first goal, there comes the second taking your potential to next level thus expanding your success circle. remember, there is no limit to success level. Its only how satisfy are you at that moment.

Satisfaction a word that has pseudo meaning in this rocket era, that only have significance in thinking. but not achieving. Achievement in life is nothing but to achieve a delighted or even satisfied life will be somehow better than racing. In a nut shell, be calculative in your life, aim for satisfaction, never panic in any situation unless until somebody is f**king your ass with a BIG bamboo….. Jokes apart. go and touch your life horizons.

By: Mr. Nobody

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