Ecstasy: Weed/Charas (Cannabis)

Charas! not the 1970’s movie, its the real shit people would love to die for! Well em one of them though a casual Charas smoker! EEsh! A good shit to send people into a new world of their dreams and dilenma! Once you get high, your fear or happiness will come out strongly, increasing your concentration sometimes not always plz! Extent varies people to people.. Some excited guys will find it difficult to digest and may end up saying “i AM GONNA DIE TODAY” but won’t tell the reason why they are behaving. they somewhere are conscious in their unconscious brain part. How good they are! in keeping secrets. 100/100 to those guys.

The best part of getting high is you lift up all your worries for a moment enters into a land where you will find your comfort zone or pretend this is your dreamland unlike beer or whiskey does to a man pushing him to be a lion of that moment. What exactly is this shit!  Though most of the countries put this shit out of their constitutional book and consider it illegal, yet there are few countries where your will have easy access to cannabis openly.. like Weed-heaven i.e. Netherlands… a country where you will find designated coffee shops to smoke weed  and create your own world but don’t put others in trouble else it will be you behind bars with hefty imprisonment or some kind of huge penalty .. or whatever!

Lets talk about Delhi University! whenever I went to my past days, I always visit DSE.. I had my first peg of whiskey and first drag of weed in this compound.. it was easy to approach DSE for me, quite near to my college became my daily habit to visit and smoke..

       Dude:” Morning Professor… Try this one, i Bought this shit yesterday, its really good. Professor replied “No thanks man! I have my own” and took out his roll and lit it with lighter and goes on.. Weed-relationship between a professor and his student. Oh this is real shit. and a beautiful girl asked me “Do you have an extra smoke” she asked for his boyfriend i guess and I replied “i have choti gold-flake” if that gonna serve your purpose, you can have it.. without hesitation she took it and lit it with my lighter.. So, I was wrong! Huh! She borrowed for herself.. New chapter to me! DU girls are open in nature. I know this sounds ridiculous, but i never had an incident where unknown girl have ever asked me  for a smoke.. then it becomes so often to me. Got a smoke friend who used to hold my hand bring me to outside DSE at sutte vala (cigarette selling stall) to have a smoke with me.. Not as much beautiful but the her tittes used to shake up while she moves.. Of fuck! Nobody can take away their eyes from them.. Smoke weed and feel the pleasure… real fun is to have this shit in limits else you may end up sometimes sleeping only..

By: Mr. Nobody

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