Bullet Bansal (Mr. BB)

“Le Lia Bullet lendi Jeep bech kay” Bought a Bullet Bike against junk Jeep… Mr. bansal has upgraded to Bullet Bansal himself now.. A bike known for its strength and quite popular among the bike lovers. Will Mr. Bansal ..oops “Bullet Bansal” will find some chick on his behind or his rookies will be his partner. Lets wait and watch till the time decides its course.

Lets know about Mr. Bansal little more.. Born in a small town, intelligent but weak in Mathematics unlike a usual “Baniya” who are born mathematicians as per some saying.. chemistry flowing in his nerves from top to bottom.. Little bit more! angry young man adding to his quality but not to his nature.. cool personality with photogenic features when clicked through DSLR camera. Lol!…. a passionate traveler. grown up while sleeping most of the hours of the day.  His childhood  buddy “Mr. T” always by his side .. Both seems to be Mirror copy when it comes to sucking their thumb habit from childhood days which they still carry today with them…

As the time passes, Mr. BB becomes a chemistry teacher in private institute passing his knowledge to new generation and filling up his pockets in terms of remuneration.. till date no stable partner.. girls comes and goes like a camera flash from his life.. Phew!   Now Mr. BB is tired of being single and need a stable partner, onus on him to get married as soon as someone suggest some girl match to his parents.

We will wait for some more time for his story to be completed. till then let him enjoy his Bullet ride!

By: Mr.Nobody

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