Bullet Bansal (Mr. BB)


It’s time for the 2nd part of Mr. Bullet Bansal. Mr. BB sitting quietly in his room and thinking when will my drought turn into flood. EESh! hell no for a quite long time. So Mr. BB prepared himself for the marriage and just wondering ” should I settle down now” or should I wait. Lots of permutations and combinations going on in his mind yet no straight line type answer. In between, Holi festival passed yet Mr. BB carries on with his search of getting a girl under him, Well his friends took an advantage of him and ripped his clothes and make him half naked with his titties turned on.  Not excited as much as he should be for his upcoming GOA trip. Thinking about his future, don’t want to carry on his teaching Job and wants to change his family history of working only in education sector to become a successful businessman. Ready to sacrifice his woman’s fantasies for sometime against an entrepreneurial dream work. Sadly! there is no answer to this question at this point of time, but hopefully he shall be a businessman in near future if everything goes on his way.


By: Mr. Nobody




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