Show-off: Fake world

We live into a World that is full of monsters and demons!  Indeed!  Everybody is just waiting to eat out the flesh of others disregarding of what will happen to others.  No emotions,  nothing!  Just selfishness!  Whether its your workplace or social place or any other place. People pretend they will remain with you at all times but that’s not true at all. time changes so does people. its just show-off that they are with you, unfortunately they were never with you. Though I know this from my earlier experiences that nothing lasts forever, whether its your friendship, love, any commitment, promises or etc… One day everything will go or will leave you away!  You can’t make right when opposite person has already made up his mind in wrong way for you. You beg them or do anything! You will always be on failure side! Here comes the trust! Now, Will you  be able to trust other person again??? Yes/No? We will never have the right answer at that moment. With time, we shall have.

How can I save myself from theses people!! The people who pretend they are with you and will never leave you! there is no formula to evaluate the trust. You have to take risk in your life by trusting again and again and preparing yourself for the next blow! Once you are enough strong – especially: “mentally” They you can conquer these demons and fight them with your full strength. Its your conscience that will the key to your success at each point of your meeting with them.

Let Bygones be Bygones! True spirit is to live the life! Rise-Fall-Rise-Fall-Rise…….. Never Back-down!


By: Mr. Nobody

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