HK: a dream I Opt to quit

This post is about my experience of Hong Kong life. A city usually that never sleeps. You will see people roaming on roads at all times whatever the weather conditions even if it is Level-8 warning issued by HK meteorological department or hot summer. Though it will be less in numbers because of some safety regulations. When i first see those people, I just imagine how much fit they are! defying their real age no. HK is quite expensive city that’s why it  has been ranked 2nd most expensive city in the world after Singapore.  I guess, only the Food and home is expensive including medical, nor public transportation neither your beer, Well 1 can of beer is even cheaper that what you have to pay in India for it. I actually love this part, I know I am little fond of Boozing beer. Government of HK do take care of their residents very well at-least much better than other Big size countries. Descent people, nobody will bother what you are doing, unless you are doing some criminal type things. Great place to go for shopping for shopoholics.

Must visit places include Ladies market situated in Mong-Kok (Kowloon) area. Friday-Saturday-Sunday, best days to visit this street. If your are good bargainer then its the real test for you there. Amazing street food, 36″ inches pizza, usually you get 12″ inches as large size in India.  Have a beer on street but don’t litter apart from bins else you will be fined for HK$ 5000, pretty heavy charges even if you spit and got caught. Luckily, I never got caught. Sigh! You will find lots of Indian restaurants. Chunking mansions (Tsim Sha Tsui) known for South Asian migrations. Here, you can have real Indian-Pakistani-Bangladeshi feel, nowadays African also added into it. Samosa-Chai-Gol-Gappa-Biryani-etc.. choose the right one else you will hate the taste. Buy Mobile sim card at cheap rates, Customs Cigarettes packs almost 40-60% cheaper rates from Seven Eleven Shops..

Near to it, there is Victoria harbor, cool breeze to give you relaxing tough. Visit Canton road for luxurious buying. Learn to say thanks you! as you have to often this word. There are many islands in HK vicinity where you can escape from your working life and enjoy taking sun bath with beer or some kind of drink you love. Disney Land, Ocean park adding to its fun loving roller coaster rides. If you are tired of weekdays, on Saturday night- go and visit the Lan Kwai Fong to meet people from various part of the World and make friends, hangout with them, get acquainted. Keep Moving on that street  or enter into pub till 3am and after that, its time to go home. Too cheap for me as I have to shed out only HK$ 20 for 20min Mini-bus ride to my home. Wake up in Hangover next morning with bright sunshine or may be rainy day as HK weather is unpredictable. Go to local markets in evening and see the huge crowd walking on the streets with zombies speed and listen some great music on street, watch some stunt person performing stunts to earn livelihood. A Well governed and systematic city. Hassle-free life. Almost spent 6 months living there and enjoyed many colors of life. tried to learn Cantonese, but not my cup of tea. so stuck with English only, that’s fine. Got a friend cum big brother “Sean” (English name and “Wong Hei Man” -his chinese name) always my side to help me whenever needed. needless to mention, this is the best thing that happen to me. Till date we are in touch even though we know, we shall not meet again in future.

to be continued……   Bitter facts will follow in next writing!


By: Mr. Nobody

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