A Mistake: That Can’t be undone!

We do make mistakes in our life from our early childhood days till we are buried inside inside a coffin for a never ending sleep. But in our early childhood days, impacts of mistakes are way less than we have to face when we enter into our adulthood. When you are into your teen-age, you don’t have to bother majorly for anything, no stress, nothing to push your think tank for consequences. But once you are out of your teen-age, and enters into your adulthood, you have borrowed lots of responsibilities on you and a big load is there on your young shoulders embarking you take step wisely, else you will have to see defeat, a situation where you are hopeless, restless may be you come into depression or even worse. you have to be patient whatever the situation and unfavorable factors prevail at that moment. These mistakes can’t be undone. You will imagine one dream Is there any tool/technology/any method to go into your past and undone this” The strict answer is NO”  . This is impossible at this time, may be if possible we develop some technology in future somehow.

Let bygones be bygones! What is the best method to overcome this affect on you! Well theoretically numerous, but the way you implement one of the method that matters a lot. You just can’t rely on others to help you out of this bad cream. Its only you who have to put enough strength into you to come out, Yes! you can take support of your loved one’s or strangers or anything that gives you boost to start again.

We always learn from our mistake done in past and try not to repeat the same next time. But we are a big failure in this learning. though we practically, but we will develop a theory inside our mind to make that mistake again but this time outcome will be positive. Knowingly you do this mistake and again the impact puts you on the same spot where you started-off.

Knowingly the impact, I too did 1 mistake and kept repeating. The impact was as worse as hell. Lost my inner strength, found myself in state of frustration and irritation all the time. Wanted to run away and hide somewhere with no GPS connection to track me out. Is this the solution, No! not at all! but could be a temporary solution so that you can get enough strength to face again the challenge. may be you should start again from scratch, i know, Its not easy to start again once you have kissed the sky and now you are at Bottom of earth. It will take time to be a big winner again yet surely are the winner as you have already won a battle against yourself. you will never forget the mistake but once you have accomplished the task of raising yourself, you will laugh on those mistakes but only you can know the pain inside those laughs.

Keep doing mistakes and learn from them! never ever back down. Stay alive in this race! you don’t have to be winner for others, but for yourself, it matters and keep challenging yourself all the times regardless of conditions. With time, you will have enough strength to push you forward again and again. Never forget one thing “Time is your best cure”

Why we need to talk about bitter things when we so much of positive things in life to cheer up. Eesh! bitter things just ruins the moment and turns into a black hole. and push you into a world with full of negative thoughts.

God-dam! Why I opted that decision? You don’t believe in astrology! Do you? Sometimes. A sidelined astrologer told me you did a mistake by quitting your last assignment and till date, his words seems to be true as I am facing lots of troubles in my life, may be its a storm that I was not able to predict during my decision making process and now I can realize the World is not bad, It gives you plenty of chances to rectify your mistakes, but its upto you to take the right decision at right point of time, else you will have to suffer with consequences and will push you black hole with negative thought process. So, I am waiting for life to again give me the chance to stand back and come again , this time even more stronger than I used to be. Em preparing myself for that day to come and yeah, so do everyone needs to prepare themselves. You can’t ride a huge mountain in single day unless you have some extra support like jet-pack or something that flies you high and put above on the that mountain. The conclusion is wait for the Jet-pack or find it to boost up your life again and again. you will come stronger with each and each every mistake you do in your life. Repeat the mistakes unless you conquer them. Mistakes are like your demons in your dreams. Face them, fight them, and win over them, once you conquered them, you will be brave enough to fight for your next challenges and bitter things will become history of your life or you will write your own history and won’t become just history.

Taking the sweet things from the above, I am moving on in my life for better life and supporting my family.

I love you HK and won’t forget what you taught me.  Thanks!



By: Mr. Nobody

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