Dilemma or helplessness: Can’t Judge

Have you ever found yourself into a situation where you are bound by numerous conditions to opt for the decision that you really can’t digest? Hell thing to decide! yeah a weird situation where you lost your touch with the surface rather you are buried under it crying and hoping to get a ray of light to take you home. No, not impossible at that point of time. because you are helpless. Nowhere to go! Nothing in hand, I mean no Plan-B. So what should we do? A small question with no favorable answer taking your side. We will come back to this question later.

After quitting 2 jobs in different fields, and I am into my 3rd Job with another field, profile is almost same if we consider the nature but the work is totally opposite to each other. I don’t have any issues pertaining to work in different field, but should be enough to give me peace of mind. Well you expect something and get something opposite in return as usual. Now, here I am! 3rd Job could be gone within next 10 days if I didn’t say the company magic words “yes, I will” I am into dilemma right now whether I should go for 4th or should I continue this current one knowingly If opted to continue, there won’t be homecoming anymore or could be harsh landing with negative impact on my loved ones. They are by my side but I can’t see them in trouble and same that they don’t want to see me in trouble after opting for the decision. May be my comfort zone is more better than anything else, I already have quit my half of my comfort zone in last one year and became a very calm man imparting inspirational and logical messages to people. I know, i have inherited this from my experiences or should I say by getting continuous butt-kicks. It pains me a lot but I laugh as i am gained some strength now to fight. Now I am a very confident person, with less fears in me of facing people. I think, I am distracted from the current topic. yeah may be or may be not.

Actually this is the real dilemma! Isn’t it, You think something else and you do something else. Or you are little helpless you are not able to choose the path. Well! I am not able judge what this is right now, My mind has stopped working considering the juggling going in my brain. Will come up sometime back soon here!

Upon someone special advice, I decided to give it a try for atleast for the first phase and then will decide for next step in due course of time. Phew! it will help me at-least to cover my survival expenses by not making me jobless for few months or meanwhile I will try to crack some interview with another company if conditions favors. Let’s see what gonna be the outcome in the end. Not at all hopeful of any miracle. Feeling little tired just because of my imbalanced mind today. Time is hard and lets face the reality on my own. I really don’t want this time to have any negative impact on someone’s job just because of me. Will come harder with time and during this phase will build up myself stronger and even better and gain some more life experiences to add up into my kitty. Yikes! How much Calm I am today! So much frustration inside me eating continuously. Just trying my better part to stop the flooding of anger on someone. I think I will have to take help of some booze today. Yeah! I know its “Navratre” festival here where family rituals stops people from drinking and eating non-veg even onion in your meals. Its ok, i won’t share this with my family, secret kind of thing I will do. Ahhh! I am gonna have a good sleep after booze if only I get little high. and I should get high Huh!  Trust me darling I will come harder next time.


By: Mr. Nobody

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