Exploring strengths: What’s better hidden inside you!

Time is to write a new story or I must say my new experience which I had today. This story is somehow connected to my previous post. Today I explored myself in many arenas of my life and got to know that I have something that was hidden for a quite long time just because I really didn’t have the courage in past open up myself. Today I did that and results came out to be positive or I must say made me delighted. So, What happened actually! This is about an interview scheduled for today for some marketing job. Well, let me tell you about my CV/Resume first as it is the base of the story. So, 3 jobs in 4 years span and all in different industries, all unconnected as per their nature, additionally I lack the stability factor in my every job, common question in any interview but tough one to crack when odds are against you. I don’t know what came into me during my interview with HR, I convinced her with my communication skills, and my knowledge about concepts and how can I be a fit to their organization. All this I did it without any reference unlike the advantage I had in my all previous interviews. Today was the real me, confident, bold, daring, at-least more than what I used to be earlier.

I cleared the HR round that went for around 25 minutes confirming myself for the 2nd round with GM sales to be held on same day. As expected, GM just had a look on resume and had a laugh with HR regarding my current industry experience (i.e. less than 6 months) and then the interview started. To his surprise, a guy who always found himself in defensive position during interviews turned his gears into deceive manner just like a batsman chasing a huge target plays to win. Yeah! I cleared all his doubts with my convincing skills of knowledge and in-depth knowledge about the marketing concepts. In the end, everything was pleasant, refreshing me and highly confident that this could be a right platform for me to showcase my right talent. He greeted me and was delighted I guess so and said that “you shall have to meet our director soon for finalization” and I replied that will be my pleasure. Just before I was about to leave the office building, HR came to me and said that ” I will confirm you by today if shortlisted for final round and be available day after tomorrow in 2nd half” and same reply I gave to her. Within 10 minutes after leaving the office, I got a call from HR to come for finalization on day after tomorrow. Wow! All this I did just myself with my experience and confidence. Lets see what will happen day after tomorrow but for me this is really a big achievement for me as of now, may be first time or I must say today I felt it is real me. you can climb huge mountains with your strengths. Go and find them and explore your strengths, may be not today but someday you will find it. Never ever give up! Just stay calm and be focused and have right approach.

So finally,I lost this battle, not able to crack the final round. I guess It could be because of my current salary v/s expected salary issue or something else, they knew better. Its ok! at-least I tried and met with failure. In some way happy I am. Rise again and then go for next one. never give up should be the penultimate goal in anyone’s life. Stay calm and work hard. Goodluck to me!

By: Mr. Nobody

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