Romatic weather! Kolkata! Isn’t it!

Ok! Two day official trip turns out to be a 10 days or more. Luckily i don’t have to worry much as my brother lives here, so a place is always there for me to reside, no worries about spicy junk.
Woo! What a weather! Isn’t it beautiful or kind of romantiic for lovebies and a perhaps a proper hangout plan for rookie people.. Well i fall into last category but but but single in every stage here.. No Girlfriend no friends umm brother also not in town! What should i do! Where should i go to make this day a memorable moment. Eesh.. Don’t want to stress my think tank much. Probably i can ask my colleague to have a couple of drinks post office hours in a nearby bar to my house. Or I can go alone for a late night latest movie.. Or just sit and relax at home watch some cricket.. I don’t want to make my life a boring movie scene. OMG i am bit pissed off. I really need a gang of goons to celebrate my life in different ways.. Well I am still waiting for that thing.. But i don’t think i will or they will find me soon.. Friends of my age are getting married and settking down themselves these day and my think tank says don’t get trapped in this shit as I won’t be able to handle myslef with the boundations of responsibilities. Yes! I don’t want any load of responsibility upon my head.. Else i will be crushed under them and won’t be able to achieve my dreams of becoming a successful entrepreneur..
Why kolkata! Something really interesting for me in this city! Right! As per previous visits.. I have always got something (good things actually) whenever I am in this city. My first job finalised post my visit. Current job too finalised here.. And few bad lucks turns into good one again post visiting this city.
So! Should i start my business from here or from Delhi! I think i don’t know as of now. I am in dreamworld right now just dreaming about the good time after 2-3years.. And this time I have to turn those dreams into reality.. I will. And change the things how people see and perceive…

By: Mr. Nobody

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