1 year and counting!

Eeesh! One year completed when we met for last time when she came to see-off me at airport around 8 pm on Sunday night. Didn’t expect or ever imagined that we are not gonna meet again in future anyhow! It happened and it has to! Tried every bit of things under my control to get the things on platform again but failed to do so.

Still the feeling is same for her. I miss her all the time, my morning starts with a dream of her and imaging what she would have been doing at that point of time.. like 7 am she wake up and 8 am she comes out of her pg to fetch her office bus and 9 am she must be having her breakfast in cafeteria, 1 pm her lunch time, 4 pm her refreshment time, 5:15 pm she winds up her work and packs her bag to leave the office and fetch her office bus to go home. around 6:30 pm she must have been at her home, now some rest time. then around 9 pm she finds herself in kitchen to cook some meal for her. however all these must have changed as of now as she has changed herself just to stay away from my  imagination. I still live in that imagination and hope that one day we shall meet again and bond together but somewhere i know that not gonna happen and one day I will just have a news of her getting married. Take care my love! I wish we are together today and tomorrow and for forever.

I just sing a song! its been a long day my friend, I will tell you when I see you again…

Wept all night remembering you and didn’t take my dinner that night. My mother, my brother all were curious why I am acting in this way, they all knew something is hidden inside me and never had courage to ask for the reason. Night passed and new morning comes up and here I am sitting in office writing this part of my life.

I wish you were here with me today! Yeah all wishes cannot be fulfilled, I know. Just one wish, please. I won’t request to God, I will never, I don’t believe in him. I am alone and just waiting for my time to go far enough. hope she is good and doing what she always dream for.

Goodbye dear!

By: Mr. Nobody

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