A question that can’t be answered!

Phew! What’s your name? Easy to answer. Yeah! right. Almost everybody have the answer to this question whenever  somebody ask this question to anybody except the one’s who are suffering from memory loss disease. Yet there are questions which can’t be answered and if answered you know it will be the end of some secrets that you have been hiding over the years. I have been through this situation many times for the same question whether I am high enough to gargle out everything hidden inside me but no , I will not answer only one question in my life to anyone except myself. The question was Why you left your last job? yeah I know, its sound pretty weird that this is just a normal question and can have answer like I was bored, may be frustrated, may be not enough money or some kind of lame excuse to support the job resignation. But no that isn’t the answer. I have done this twice and won’t reveal even here but if somebody is enough smart the surely he/she can figure out in a minute the answer and that what I was wrong with me. Stubbornness  probably! Mature but not enough mature to handle the situation when I opt for that decision that changes my nature and even myself. I fucked up myself amateur would be the right word here. No coming back, never, still here to hide that reason inside me so that I can carry it till I become enough mature to answer the next arising question if I answered this question or may be when I will be on my deathbed.

Life is really simple, you lose patience, you lose the best part of your life, you handle the situation maturely, you win for lifetime. Think in a manner considering all possible consequences or impacts that your decision will have on your life. Way too hard, you are not from the “simpsons” family that predicted futuristic things way ahead of their time, a cartoon series it was.

Ok! I keep this story short, take decisions wisely and maturely or seek guidance from others who believe in you and may be from a person who is fit to guide you. but don’t fuck up yourself and then dreaming “I wish I hadn’t done this”

By: Mr. Nobody

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