About me

Hey Guys and Girls, this is Mr. nobody bringing to you the real life experiences. you will find similar or i must say much better experiences on other blogs. But there will be some differences in each blog, may be in terms of purpose behind the story, feeling, or could be anything. So, Cheer up and choose the life you want, not the others commanding you.

First Aim: Be your own master

Once you have this in your blood, trust me guys, nothing is impossible. It will be your zest and zeal to fly high up above the sky. though limitations, restrictions, shortfall, shortcomings, consider anything negative in you will come up and cut your wings and may be completely thrash you just like trashing an e-mail in trash with just one mouse or finger click. remember on thing in life, nobody else can make you cry unless otherwise you wanted to let it go the way.

Second Aim: Conquer your internal Demons

Now, since you have become your own master, it high-time you should learn to control your internal demons. Internal Demons! Who and what are they!  They are the monsters which stops you from accomplishing your goals, pushing you to back side leaving behind scars on you. They create a choking atmosphere with negativeness all around you and putting in you a solitary confinement. A big question arises! How you will put these demons outside? Can you alone do that or need someone to help! Well i suggest, you yourself should fight without anybody’s help else you will find it difficult whenever you have to fight alone! Go and take up this challenge and get rid of them with your focused aim towards your goal. Nobody can make you loose unless you choose to! Fight! Fight! Keep fighting till you achieve and become winner!

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