I miss you today! tomorrow! forever!

“I will leave you one day” she exerted in joking way but somehow Mr. Rex knew the real truth behind these words and they left the conversation with a laugh. No-one knows how a healthy relationship will meet its bitter end in near future. None of them realized this may happen! but to his unconscious mind, aware somehow  and wanted him to prepare for that Black day. Fighting with himself and bitter truths, Mr. Rex kept his nerves, consoling himself in motivational dreams that it won’t happen and  encouraging him to do whatever it takes to keep them alive, ready to sacrifice everything! yes everything, his dreams, his career, his self-respect but nothing comes to rescue.

It happened and happened in a way that somebody could never imagined off! even in anyone’s foresightedness. But It went the way it was predicted.  “Never leave me whatever happens to us”  with these words in his mind, still today Mr. Rex is alive with a hope someday he will have to come for her rescue. No hard feelings! How possible that Mr. Rex could have any negative feeling for her. Never! even if he saw her getting married with another guy or anything. He missed her today! tomorrow! and forever! all the time.

“Don’t worry my child, I am with you every-time, Just call me and say come”  without any second thought in his mind, Mr. Rex always ready to rush into her whenever called upon. But this might not happen ever. Why Mr. Rex is so much determined that this can’t be undone now? Why? Mr. Rex talked to himself and said “that’s how I prepared her so well for this thing and made her self-dependent the way Mr. Rex used to be in his early 20’s. With time he transferred his strength into her and made himself enough weak to have tears and turned into an emotional douche bag. Her happiness keeps him alive! he said. Her charming face like sun-rise at ocean puts more than enough energy into him to fight with his demons and smile throughout the day. Now! all has gone! it just her remembrance and well clicked past moments that now resides in his think tank.  “How Lucky I am! that I had those moments with me, enough to motivate myself to live for never ending hope for that “phone call”. He uttered with happy-weeping tone

Wherever Mr. Rex  goes, he assumes that she is by side! but its just his imagination that she is with him. Just like a soul after leaving a dead body keeps tracking their loved ones. He says “Sometimes, I sit and talk with her, She guides me all the time. yes! we are together and we will always be together, forever!

Mr. Rex “I miss you dear”

Author: Pain cannot be made to bleed with just pen and paper, it can only be felt”


By: Mr. Nobody


Bindass Girl in a box

This story is about a Lucknow based girl who is “Manchali” by her nature, passionate to fulfill her world with her own dreamland fantasies. By Manchali, i mean Bindass, straight forward, rookie, Bold and beautiful yet little stubborn adding to her etiquette.

She came to Delhi to pursue her studies after 10th unaware of Delhites miseries she will have to face in coming days. Joined an medical college for some diploma course, precisely Lab technician kind of course. She fell in so-called love with a married man in her college, well I can understand that was just her mere first attachment to some guy. She assumed this is the bright side of her life which will take her to own dreamland  but to her surprise, it wasn’t as the guy was just trying to play some kind of naughty game with her capturing her into an emotional circle. , she even went to depression for 2-3 months, As soon as she recovered from this trauma, now she became a bindass girl, still a long way to learn how to move ahead unharmed. Sooner or later, she will learn this but since she is in her early 20’s (just 21-22), she thinks the society is having any open base, but we know better in with what kind of orthodox society we are into. She is just like a bird always aiming to fly high high higher….and even higher but with no wings surrounded by butchers to cut down her wings as soon as she grow them.

Will she come out of this society box or will accept the traditional thinking and binds herself into it?? What you say? Till date I don’t have any clue about this! May be with time we will have our answers..

Hope One day (hope so very soon if possible) I will be able to bring you the answer to the above question…


Let’s continue with the above story!

With the unanswered questions of her life, girl moved ahead. Luckily she got a big opportunity soon and joined as a cabin crew trainee in reputed airline company. She thought now she has got her wings to fly in the sky. But she became handicapped with the nightmares of her past. Sadly, she again went into trauma and lost this job. Phew! Few months later, with family support, she finally joined call center to fulfill her basic monetary needs and standing up for her family. Day-Night-shift made her to crawl and imbalanced her life again, may be she never learnt the art of balancing personal and professional life. Hypocrite society keeps choking her with their BC era thoughts and again the question comes, “Will she be ever able to come out of this so-called judgmental box” ???



By Mr. Nobody

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