A question that can’t be answered!

Phew! What’s your name? Easy to answer. Yeah! right. Almost everybody have the answer to this question whenever  somebody ask this question to anybody except the one’s who are suffering from memory loss disease. Yet there are questions which can’t be answered and if answered you know it will be the end of some secrets that you have been hiding over the years. I have been through this situation many times for the same question whether I am high enough to gargle out everything hidden inside me but no , I will not answer only one question in my life to anyone except myself. The question was Why you left your last job? yeah I know, its sound pretty weird that this is just a normal question and can have answer like I was bored, may be frustrated, may be not enough money or some kind of lame excuse to support the job resignation. But no that isn’t the answer. I have done this twice and won’t reveal even here but if somebody is enough smart the surely he/she can figure out in a minute the answer and that what I was wrong with me. Stubbornness  probably! Mature but not enough mature to handle the situation when I opt for that decision that changes my nature and even myself. I fucked up myself amateur would be the right word here. No coming back, never, still here to hide that reason inside me so that I can carry it till I become enough mature to answer the next arising question if I answered this question or may be when I will be on my deathbed.

Life is really simple, you lose patience, you lose the best part of your life, you handle the situation maturely, you win for lifetime. Think in a manner considering all possible consequences or impacts that your decision will have on your life. Way too hard, you are not from the “simpsons” family that predicted futuristic things way ahead of their time, a cartoon series it was.

Ok! I keep this story short, take decisions wisely and maturely or seek guidance from others who believe in you and may be from a person who is fit to guide you. but don’t fuck up yourself and then dreaming “I wish I hadn’t done this”

By: Mr. Nobody

Bullet Bansal (Mr. BB)

“Le Lia Bullet lendi Jeep bech kay” Bought a Bullet Bike against junk Jeep… Mr. bansal has upgraded to Bullet Bansal himself now.. A bike known for its strength and quite popular among the bike lovers. Will Mr. Bansal ..oops “Bullet Bansal” will find some chick on his behind or his rookies will be his partner. Lets wait and watch till the time decides its course.

Lets know about Mr. Bansal little more.. Born in a small town, intelligent but weak in Mathematics unlike a usual “Baniya” who are born mathematicians as per some saying.. chemistry flowing in his nerves from top to bottom.. Little bit more! angry young man adding to his quality but not to his nature.. cool personality with photogenic features when clicked through DSLR camera. Lol!…. a passionate traveler. grown up while sleeping most of the hours of the day.  His childhood  buddy “Mr. T” always by his side .. Both seems to be Mirror copy when it comes to sucking their thumb habit from childhood days which they still carry today with them…

As the time passes, Mr. BB becomes a chemistry teacher in private institute passing his knowledge to new generation and filling up his pockets in terms of remuneration.. till date no stable partner.. girls comes and goes like a camera flash from his life.. Phew!   Now Mr. BB is tired of being single and need a stable partner, onus on him to get married as soon as someone suggest some girl match to his parents.

We will wait for some more time for his story to be completed. till then let him enjoy his Bullet ride!

By: Mr.Nobody

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Show-off: Fake world

We live into a World that is full of monsters and demons!  Indeed!  Everybody is just waiting to eat out the flesh of others disregarding of what will happen to others.  No emotions,  nothing!  Just selfishness!  Whether its your workplace or social place or any other place. People pretend they will remain with you at all times but that’s not true at all. time changes so does people. its just show-off that they are with you, unfortunately they were never with you. Though I know this from my earlier experiences that nothing lasts forever, whether its your friendship, love, any commitment, promises or etc… One day everything will go or will leave you away!  You can’t make right when opposite person has already made up his mind in wrong way for you. You beg them or do anything! You will always be on failure side! Here comes the trust! Now, Will you  be able to trust other person again??? Yes/No? We will never have the right answer at that moment. With time, we shall have.

How can I save myself from theses people!! The people who pretend they are with you and will never leave you! there is no formula to evaluate the trust. You have to take risk in your life by trusting again and again and preparing yourself for the next blow! Once you are enough strong – especially: “mentally” They you can conquer these demons and fight them with your full strength. Its your conscience that will the key to your success at each point of your meeting with them.

Let Bygones be Bygones! True spirit is to live the life! Rise-Fall-Rise-Fall-Rise…….. Never Back-down!


By: Mr. Nobody

Life Calculator

Our life is like egg shell surrounded by varied  shell-group layers. Family, friends, Colleagues, Boss, Sub-ordinate, Junior, Pan-Sutta vala, Adda baaji, Bevde and many other countless unnamed groups giving us advises which seems ridiculous to us at all times but we never understand why these stubborn are spreading their “free ka gyan” . after all, you will meet numerous people giving free advises rather giving free lunches. So, point is what are you upto? Have you touch the horizons of your life till date or yet to to touch.Your horizon just could be getting laid once you attain puberty or could be making your body like “rambo” or dreaming of becoming the next Bill gates or may be Daddy or mumma. Needless to mention any more- dreams changes with time, condition, unknown, unforeseen reasons, drift of wind blah! blah! blah!!!

Sit back and relax. Download all your ups and downs in a memory card, make a flash back video and rewind it again and again , everything looks OK! right! no mistake Huh! then why the hell everything is not under my control, “em pissed off with my life” uttering loudly these words in a close room. Our first mistake is we never find the right Counselor or guidance.  Our experiences are enough to demonstrate what we should have done at that time. Here comes the learning! Huh, em Big enough, I don’t want to learn anymore, em already an expert now. yet new day, new beginning- new experiences-new learning-new expertise skill. Learn-grow-Learn-grow-Learn-…..

Upgrade yourself with new skills daily, just like your daily routine, skills also becomes your habit. Here, your don’t have to think what you need to do! It will become your reflex action. Never ever give up in life!!! you can escape from others but you can’t hide out from yourself. You will need to answer at some point of time, Sooner or later surely, you have to. Till then, prepare for that day. Everybody is alone in this world. For every individual, success means to his/her potential. Well, once you attain your first goal, there comes the second taking your potential to next level thus expanding your success circle. remember, there is no limit to success level. Its only how satisfy are you at that moment.

Satisfaction a word that has pseudo meaning in this rocket era, that only have significance in thinking. but not achieving. Achievement in life is nothing but to achieve a delighted or even satisfied life will be somehow better than racing. In a nut shell, be calculative in your life, aim for satisfaction, never panic in any situation unless until somebody is f**king your ass with a BIG bamboo….. Jokes apart. go and touch your life horizons.

By: Mr. Nobody

Rise High: up Above the sky

Aim High: rise yourself to your extremities. Never ever see down. There is no destination that can’t be reached, or no work that is easy. It’s upto you how you take up the later as a challenge or giving-up stage. Well, my friends, here is a story for you. there are many moments in our life when we have to make decisions or have to take some steps that will decide our due course of future direction. Unknowingly we opt for things that we expect they will go accordingly our Freezed Brain, but to our surprise or i can say somewhere in our mind, we knew that this will happen, some people called this superstition or some call it intuition. Don’t believe in either. Once you start believing in any, your are bound to go that way crushing your dreams, limiting yourself to a virtual circle just like the “Mahabharta-Chakrvayuh”. Come out of this circle and feel the atro-cities of life.

You must be thinking, its easy to say rather than following up. yeah! absolutely, else there would’t be battles in history and Kejriwal & Trump won’t become CM and President. Let’s give up this politics for a moment. Ok! Start exploring yourself first, may be your weakness is your real strength or vice-versa. If nothing is there inside you, then you must be lucky. So it’s high-time to learn and grow the way you want, not the others. But don’t forget to respect who deserves and simultaneously not disrespecting who didn’t. let them stay away from you. Will come up with some more positive thoughts soon. till then wait and watch.

Suggestion & recommendations always welcome.

By: Mr. Nobody

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