Valentine’s day for Buddies

An interesting day to start and dream your love fantasies for people in relationship, But! but! but! what about for singles??? Isn’t it more interesting? Well, right! A never ending hope for the singles, especially Banana looking to find their Juicy balls till the day vanishes as it started. Guys and girls in relationship scratching their nuts to their ease… buying roses bouquet or any expensive gifts to cherish and make each other special. Singles just scratching their headbutt thinking “how this nut got this chick under him”, “Am I the poorest person or something wrong with the girls choice”. uff! Oh shit! uttering these words with full of inside pain not realizing being single is somehow way better than being in relationship or its complicated.

Life of single buddies v/s committed buddies

  1. dressed up neatly and go outside just to check out if there is someone anxiously really waiting for them, but hard truth- Big NO, and for 2nd part-dressed up neatly just to impress their partners and get laid if possible in any way.
  2. Don’t have to buy Roses Bouquet ranging $5-$100, no stress of reserving a table in a popular Restro or any bar. For the 2nd half: Borrow money from their single buddies commenting “give me your car/branded sun-glasses/watch and some bucks- as you will die single so let me encash the benefits” A big joke becomes for the singles when the buddies called up and say “buy a nice rose bouquet and deliver it your !Bhabhi!” Oh fuck! not again a delivery boy, but dosti mei agar nahi marayi to bhai  kaise bnega”  and then Bhai called up some other friend asking if you see some rose selling person, buy it. “Oh BC tu aur roses, who is that witch”  now so called bhai explaining the true story behind this. Not completing the story, its better to close at this.
  3. Daru (Alcohol) at home or Booze@Hard Rock….
  4. to be continued…..

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